Integrity Charter

Everything we do is underpinned by fairness, transparency, respect, reciprocity, freedom to act and trust.

The Integrity Charter embodies the common values that we share – values that shape the identity of the UniCredit Group and link every single company in the 19 European countries in which UniCredit operates. It provides us all with a useful guide to our conduct, from our management board through to our apprentices, and helps us overcome problems and conflicts in our day-to-everyday work.

Our objective is to ensure the Integrity Charter underpins our efforts to fulfil our mission, namely the overarching objectives of the company. We want to give our banking group an unmistakable identity.
Our banking group is to be unique not just in terms of its excellent results; but also its ability to achieve these results in line with the interests of all our stakeholders. We also call this our "new way of banking".

The key messages of the UniCredit Integrity Charter are as follows:

Profit is critical to UniCredit retaining its independence. Profits must be sustainable and find their reflection in true values.

 As a member of UniCredit, we share the fundamental values on which our relationships with individual stakeholders are based. We also recognise the importance of a corporate governance that guarantees absolute fairness. 

The entire UniCredit Group wishes to fortify itself with organisational mechanisms that go above and beyond the requirements set forth in legislation and employment contracts in order to identify and rectify any conduct which contravenes the Integrity Charter.

 The Integrity Charter is a living tool, which means it will keep on developing over time to reflect the improvements delivered by everyone within the Group.


The Integrity Charter is structured according to the following value categories:

Fairness, transparency, respect, reciprocity, freedom to act, trust

These value categories are applied to our stakeholders:

Employees, clients and suppliers, the local community