Strategic partnership with Bayern Munich

Driving business through sport

HypoVereinsbank is the bank of Bayern Munich. We are bringing together the brand recognition enjoyed by Bayern Munich and the financial expertise of HVB.

Premium partnership extended

HypoVereinsbank has extended its premium partnership with treble-winners Bayern Munich initially to 2016.
This means that we are not only Bayern Munich's primary bank, but also their exclusive partner in financial matters and their consortium bank in the event of an initial public offering. Another business objective central to our partnership is to develop, market and sell innovative financial products to the football community.
The image transfer and close collaboration with Bayern Munich in product design enable us to acquire new customers, win more business and thus generate higher revenue. In Bayern Munich, we benefit from the club with the highest brand recognition, the greatest appeal, the largest following and the biggest media presence in Germany.


Of all the clubs out there, why Bayern Munich? Bayern Munich are currently far and away the most successful football club in Germany as well as being one of the most successful in the world at the present time. 95% of all Germans recognise the name, there are some 13 million Bayern fans (including more than 150,000 club members), and the club has been crowned German champions 23 times. Bayern Munich's business model also tells an unparalleled success story: the football club is the most successful in the world from a business perspective. In the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Bayern Munich is often even more popular than Manchester United and Real Madrid, Europe's market leaders. This creates exceptional opportunities both for HypoVereinsbank and for UniCredit in light of their geographical location at the heart of Europe.

Bayern Munich polarise football fans. Does this carry a risk of splitting the potential customer base? Their image as Germany's most successful sports club in sporting and business terms made Bayern Munich first choice. It goes with the territory that the club will not be liked by everyone, despite enjoying great popularity.
This does not mean the customer base will be split or polarised, however. The success story enjoyed by Bayern Munich and their overall impeccable credentials are beyond dispute, which wins them respect.